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We help travellers avoid taxi scams
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Say goodbye to taxi scams

hagglestar is the very first app that helps travelers avoid taxi scams. The app shows you the average price for a taxi ride in foreign countries, to help you haggle a fair price.

hagglestar collects thousand of prices from real travellers around the world, to make sure you always pays the best possible price for a taxi travel.

Get ready to haggle

hagglestar combines countries real taxi data with users collected prices to give you the most updated price in the area you're traveling.

To give you the best service, the app converts the price to your preferred currency, integrates Google Maps API to show you the route on the map in time and kilo meters and tracks your location via GPS.

And with a magic stroke the app also translate the address to driver, to avoid misunderstandings and keeping a happy smile in the face.

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We want to make every transaction 100% transparent by showing the average price for a taxi travel in all countries in the world!
Basically - we want you to travel safe from A to B without overpaying.


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This is how it works and we guarantee your travel life will be better from now on...

Where to haggle?

You can now haggle taxi prices in whole of Asia and soon the rest of the World. We are constantly working on adding new territories to the app, to empower travellers!

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Introducing the founders

Hi - we are team hagglestar. Thank you for joining us so far! We will like to shortly introduce ourselves.

Why you should haggle

The haggling concept - why you should haggle in Asia.

Avoid taxi scams on your vacation

Hagglestar is an app that helps travellers avoid taxi scams.


The most frequently asked questions

Which countries can I check prices in?
To start with prices will be available for Asia, but soon you can check prices all over the world.
How can I be sure the prices are real?
The prices are a combination of public tariffs, sourced from taxi companies, combined with data collected from travellers around the world. We found out that people love to help each other out 🙌
Can I book directly through hagglestar?
Soon enough. We are spending all of our time and money to build you the first version of hagglestar. In the future it will be possible to book a taxi ride directly through hagglestar🚕